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Business Core Areas

Norwalk’s creative economy thrives on the industries of
advertising, architecture, art, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts,
publishing, manufacturing, and research and development.


We have a plethora of IT companies in Norwalk. Some of the largest and greatest IT giant companies were born and bred in Norwalk. Let us help you become a part of the IT ecosystem in Norwalk. Whether big or small, Norwalk’s reliable fiber network is just the place for your business to thrive.


Here in Norwalk we invest in and propel arts and culture as one of our strongest growth sectors. Our arts & culture companies thrive in our downtown areas and bring visitors nationwide to our City. If you are an artist, musician, or designer, Norwalk is the place for you to spread your creative wings.


We have dozens of media & marketing companies in Norwalk. Being so close to two of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation, you will always be where the story is and where some of the largest clients in the world exist. Our firms have done media for national companies as well as for our local businesses. Here we have exposure and access to clients both big and small – so start or expand with us!


We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our industries. Design covers a range of realms including fashion, product, digital, and graphic. In Norwalk we have a wide range of all of these companies. Norwalk is where creatives want to be.


Over the last five years we have seen an influx of manufactures both big and small move into Norwalk. Whether you are mass producing for national markets or just for a niche of people we have space for you. Open here and become Made in Norwalk.