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Local Process

Need some guidance? Not sure what to do or where to start? Reach out to our Business Development Center at 203-854-7948 or drop in for a visit at 3 Belden Avenue.

Commercial Building Permit Procedure for Tenant
Fit-Up, New Commercial Construction and Residences with Units Greater Than Two-Family

Note: A tenant fit-up is required in order to occupy a commercial space, even if no construction
work is done.

The process begins with submitting your Zoning Permit application and plans. The Zoning Permit application is now available on the P&Z website here. Applicants should print the form out, fill in appropriate highlighted portions and sign the bottom.

  • Submit hard paper copies of your signed Zoning Permit application, a site plan/land survey and applicable floor plans or construction/ architectural drawings to P&Z Department in Room 129, City Hall.
  • Applicants are reminded to include a signed copy of their Zoning Permit application and three (3) sets of site plans and construction drawings.

City Hall staff will secure Conservation Office sign-off (a Green Sheet). Zoning staff will contact you for payment for your Zoning Permit and they will deliver two (2) department stamped copies of your approved plans to the Building Department.

Other Departmental Review: Please note, additional review will be necessary for certain projects. You must receive these department sign-offs prior to the Building Department’s issuance of their permit.

  • If the project involves connection to the City sanitary or storm sewer, new driveway, state/local right-ofway improvements or City property, Department of Public Works approval is required.
  • If you are proposing to open a restaurant, cafeteria, food service, review by the Health Department AND WPCA will also be required.
  • If you are proposing to open a beauty salon or nail salon, review by the Health Department will be required.
  • If you are proposing a project within a Redevelopment Area, the Redevelopment Agency must review and approve.

Once your Zoning Permit is issued, you must get application materials to the Fire Marshal:

  • Depending on the location of your project, contact the Fire Marshall for approval. Call the City Fire Marshall at 203-854-0248 for instructions. The City Fire Marshall office is located at either the Fire Department at 121 Connecticut Ave. (203-854-0200). Projects in Rowayton must contact the Rowayton Fire Department (203-854-6666 x2).

The Building Department will contact you for review and payment prior to Building Permit issuance. Building permit application forms are not available to the public. Applications are filled out by the building inspector following their review of your application materials.

In addition to the above you will need for Code Enforcement:

  • Copy of lease from the tenant.
  • Cost of construction – Are trades (prices required) included?
  • Contractor needs to bring a copy of license, workman’s compensation or certificate of insurance.
  • Refer to the Fee Schedule for permit fees. Major credit cards or check made payable to City of Norwalk.