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Strategic Plan

We in Norwalk believe in a ground up economic development strategy.

While financial incentives are supportive, that is not why our businesses choose Norwalk or stay in Norwalk. Our strategy centers around creating a community where people want to live. We have safe streets, top notch public education, a multitude of housing options, and world class tourism attractions and restaurants. These factors all contribute to a place that draws a workforce and any place that draws a significant workforce also draws businesses.

Norwalk Citywide Plan: 2019-2029

By 2029, the City of Norwalk has become a national example of a small city that boasts a thriving and dynamic economy; varied housing choices for all income levels; many safe and convenient ways to get around the city, including walking and biking; connected, accessible and beautiful open spaces; a commitment to lifelong learning; and an active and resilient coastline. Norwalk is the center of art, culture and entertainment for our region. We combine the character of a historic New England community on the coast of Long Island Sound with a thriving city in the country’s largest metropolitan area.