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State Process

How to Register Your Business

To register the company’s legal name Contact the Connecticut Secretary Of The State (CT SOTS) Commercial Recording Division (CRD) – Connecticut’s one-stop business portal. On the top of the web page, there is a navy blue menu bar, select the far left option “Start your business” and follow the instructions there; or contact the commercial recording division via email (; or see this contact web page.

  • Here are the State laws that cover the requirements for limited liability corporations. Partnerships, corporations, limited corporations, and limited liability corporations should contact the Secretary of the State’s commercial recording division about registration.
  • Sole Proprietorships are registered at the local level – in the City Clerk or the Town Clerk’s office — using a “trade name certificate” that must be notarized to be valid.

To register the company for a unique tax-payer ID number with the State of Connecticut, sales and use tax permits, and for registering for wage withholding

To register employees/workers, or if you have questions about employment laws

  • Contact the Connecticut Department of Labor (CT DOL) business services specialists team. Scroll to the representative who handles the municipality where your business is located.

While the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes are assigned by the CT DOL, one could look up the general NAICS codes here

To find out if the business has to obtain other State registrations (occupational)

DECD also recommends each business seek individualized advice from these professionals who are responsible for knowing the laws, and could help the business to fully register to meet local, state, and federal requirements: