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Norwalk Kiva Hub Success Stories

Kiva is a global nonprofit organization that provides interest-free crowdfunded microloans to local entrepreneurs. The Norwalk Kiva Hub is designed to connect local entrepreneurs who don’t typically receive funding from traditional lenders with access to capital through Kiva’s unique network of microlenders. Kiva works with more than 70 countries on five continents. Since 2005, the nonprofit has provided more than 1.9 million loans equaling $1.6 billion in funding. More than 80 percent of loans have been to women.

Kiva offers:

  • 0% interest loans from $1,000 up to $15,000
  • Loan matching grants for WMBE businesses up to $7,500
  • Globally crowdfunded microloans for small businesses in Norwalk

For more Kiva information and application assistance, please contact:

Pedro P. Mata
Capital Access Manager
Norwalk Business Development Center
3 Belden Ave
Norwalk, CT 06850
c: 475-291-2745
o: 203-854-7955

Apply for a Kiva 0% interest loan for U.S. small businesses.

Ana Colangelo

Ana Colangelo, founder of Ana Colangelo Salon, was funded by Kiva with $4,500. She says, “I’ve been working with hair since I was 18. It was always a passion. I came to the U.S. and kept working hard until I managed to open my hair salon. I am thrilled and very grateful for this opportunity that can change the lives of many people and my family.”

Michelle Sharma

Michelle Sharma, owner of South on Bostwick Cantina & Grille, was funded by Kiva with $5,000. She says, “As a black-and-women-owned business, I understand the importance of diversifying our business community and telling our story through the meals we make, all while executing every order with a standard of excellence.”

Jessica Edward

Jessica Edward, founder of Caring for Seniors Adult DayCare Center, was funded by Kiva with $10,000. She says, “I have always been passionate about working for our seniors and now I have the opportunity to do just that.”

Lindsay Grega

Lindsay Grega, founder of Lindsay’s Handmade Ice Cream, was funded by Kiva with $10,000. She says, “What started as a pandemic hobby turned into a passion and evolved into a business. After two years of tough work and many setbacks, I am SO CLOSE to fulfilling the first step of this crazy dream-turned-reality!”

Juliane Etienne

Juliane Etienne, founder of BAOU Apparel, was funded by Kiva with $1,500. She says, “The whole process was extremely quick and simple. One day, I will be able to help make a fellow entrepreneur’s dream come true. Thank you, Kiva!”

Danielle Kimble

Danielle Kimble, owner of Beauty Bar By Dannie, was funded by Kiva with $3,500. She says, “Once women started telling me about how much my products changed their lives, it motivated me to push for more. This loan will allow me to start the next phase of my business, which is to use vending machines to sell my products at various pop-up locations.”

Ta’Tiyana Houster

Ta’Tiyana Houster, owner of DTM Day Spa LLC, was funded by Kiva with $7,000. She says, “My mother’s passing inspired me to launch the Dedicated to Mom day spa. The services I provide are inspired by things my mother and I loved to do together, with a little unique spin of my own.”   

Elizabeth Iovinelli

Elizabeth Iovinelli, owner of Milk Street Lactation Support, LLC, was funded by Kiva with $6,000. She says, “I always envisioned a store-front space that brings the care and support of moms and babies out of a medical office building and into the heart of the community.”