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Case Studies & Success Stories

Lindsay’s Handmade Ice Cream

Lindsay’s Handmade Ice Cream was born during the pandemic. In April of 2020, Lindsay Grega began to experiment with recreating a delicious goat cheese ice cream she’d had a few years before at a fried seafood and ice cream stand somewhere in Maine. So she made some. And then she made more. And she kept making it until it was perfect.

She made ice cream out of things found in her fridge drawer just to see if she could. Things like fennel, oranges, honey, saffron, tiramisu, donuts, strawberries, rhubarb, jalapeños, sweet corn, rosemary, blueberries and fresh mint. Using only pasteurized dairy, eggs and cheeses, along with organic produce. Nature’s bounty all turned into ice cream. It also turned into a business. So there she was, bringing creamy creations to the public, “new normal” style. Hand-made, small-batch ice cream and desserts made with the freshest natural and local ingredients available. Sold cashless and contact free. The business grew and then Lindsay outgrew her kitchen.

After initially renting a production space by the day in New Jersey, Lindsay found her sweet spot in Norwalk. She’s now leasing her own allergen-free production space in SoNo, where’s she’s lived the last 17 years.

Sweet dreams can come true in Norwalk.